gioielli preziosiDesign and material, creativity and technique, passion and accuracy.

The designer Sara Lubrano draws her jewelry, using big paper’s album and thin point pencils. After drawing the model, she gives it a shape using the wax. Her small hands work wires and sheets of wax of different colors and thicknesses. Sara uses the limes and stylets, warmed by the flame of an old alcohol lamp to which is linked as a dear talisman. The process of fusion transforms the wax in metals to finish with hacksaw, milling machines, papers and other instruments.
Some jewels pass to the joint of precious stones, others pass to enamels. The jewels, finally, appear with small irregularities, warranty of a craftsmanship processing.

Every piece is produced in a limited edition, as it is part of an exclusive collection.

Sara Lubrano proposes modern lines and reinvented classical forms, taking care of the details of design and the choice of the metal. Among the different gold alloys, she selects the colours and the shades that best suit her creations: the green gold, the red gold, the yellow gold, the pink gold, but also the stainless silver and the bronze. This way are born the most sophisticated lines as well as the most easy ones that you can wear every day.

Some jewels have interchangeable solutions, for those who loves choosing stones and colours according to the mood and the situation.